A Kind Of Sisterhood

Michele Devlin & Claire Hackett | UK | 2015 |

Raymond Murray, Rosina Brown, Nell McCafferty

This compelling documentary tells the story of a part of the history of the conflict in the north of Ireland that has been largely ignored in the media.

The film spans a twenty five year period covering the first women internees in the 70s, the killing of a prison officer outside Armagh Gaol in 1979, the republican women’s protest for political status, as well as the closure of Armagh and transfer to Maghaberry prison in 1986.

Overall the women’s stories show the depth of suffering they endured but also their resistance to criminalization and the strength of the bonds between them. Through first person testimonies eight women ex-prisoners recall their experiences of this defining phase of their lives.

The film’s strength lies in its candid interviews with eight women imprisoned at different times in the Gaol, as well as accounts from journalist Nell McCafferty and the former prison chaplain, Fr. Raymond Murray. The result is an important document that reveals a perspective on recent Irish history rarely seen or discussed.