Dystopian Dreams: Aerial Performance

Aya FIlms / Spinal Chord //

Aya Films' Dystopian Dreams was a Film Feels Curious event that took place in June 2022 at Barras Art and Design, Glasgow. 

The event centred on three elements of life which have seen renewed curiosity - Spiritualism, Nuclearism and Futurism. At a time where the dizzying effect of life is reaching tumultuous levels this event brought together film, food, performance and critical thinking, taking audiences on an immersive journey that considered time and place. It fused together concepts of feminism, mythology, mysticism and ecology with place and genre, resulting in an experiential event.

The films were accompanied by a rope performance by Scottish company, Spinal Chord, who choreographed an original piece pulling out key themes from the films. You can watch the full performance here: